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Network Provider

Provider who agrees to be in the TRICARE network. Each region has its own network. 

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  • East Network Providers
  • West Network Providers
Non-Network Provider

Provider who hasn't joined the network. You may pay more to visit a non-network provider. 

  • East Non-Network Providers
  • West Non-Network Providers
zxyyjy.comitary Hospital or Clinic

Found at zxyyjy.comitary bases and posts around the world. Referred to as direct care, zxyyjy.comitary treatment facilities or MTFs. 

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Overseas Provider

Network of qualified providers in overseas areas established by the Overseas contractor. 

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US Fazxyyjy.comy Health Plan

Designated providers you'll use when enrolled in the US Fazxyyjy.comy Health Plan. 

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Click on your designated provider:
  • John Hopkins Medicine
  • Martin’s Point Health Care
  • Brighton Marine Health Center
  • St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers
  • CHRISTUS Health
  • Pacific Medical Centers (Pacmed)
Providers who Accept Medicare

You can visit any Medicare-participating provider in the U.S. and U.S. Territories. 

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  • Medicare Participating Providers
Veterans Affairs Facilities 

Most Veterans Affairs facilities are network providers, but check with your regional contractor before making an appointment.

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  • Veterans Affairs Facilities

Each dental plan has its own dental network. 

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Click on your dental plan:
  • Active Duty Dental Program
  • TRICARE Dental Program

Last Updated 7/10/2020